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(1) Jnanpith Award, State and National Literary Awards to translate and promote literary and literary works of national and international languages. Similarly, the work of other nationally significant literary authors is brought to Kannada.

(2) Translate and publish rare ancient and modern and contemporary literature and best-known books of great value in other languages. Similarly, the original works of this type of Kannada were translated and published in different languages.

(3) Translate and publish basic academic books in English and other foreign languages ​​and important works in various Indian languages ​​in relation to science, technology, humanities and arts.

(4) Conducting all-India level seminars, dialogues, workshops, seminars and trainings on nationally important literary and cultural issues. Publish the proceedings of such seminars, if necessary.

(5) (a) Establishment of Diploma Courses in Comparative Literature Studies and Translation as part of the Kuvempu Bharatiya Authority. They include: (1) translation and journalism, (2) translation and science-technology literature, (3) translation and law, and (4) translation and medical education; Establishment of foreign language courses.

(B) These courses can be conducted on the basis of outsourced service based on the Mysore Administrative Training Institute. Appropriate remuneration for these related lectures, practicals, and test-related tasks may be fixed by the Authority.

(E) Establishment of Bhasha-Bharati University as a mini university including a variety of programs. It has the authority to conduct examinations, give degrees and conduct graduation ceremonies.

(E) Work with outsourced service personnel for administrative purposes, either through staff sanctioned by the authority or, if necessary, with the approval of the authority.

(6) To undertake incentive measures such as providing financial assistance to individuals or institutions for the publication of translated books, such as financing, loans, etc.

(7) To make all kinds of translated books available in Kannada easily accessible in all district centers, taluka centers and different parts of the country.

(8) Establishment of a Central Library of Translation Publications in the Authority.

(9) Taking measures to obtain assistance from various departments of the central government, literary and cultural institutions at the national level.

(10) Establish links with foreign language and cultural departments and arrange literary and cultural exchange programs.

(11) Obtaining subsidy from the respective State Governments for publishing the great texts of Kannada in other languages.

(12) Taking necessary steps to prepare bilingual / multilingual directories, synonymous / phonetic vocabularies, proverbs and phrases directories, which are essential for translation tasks. Obtaining the assistance of Central Hindi Directorate, Central Institute of Indian Languages ​​and other institutions in this regard and adopting the rules prevailing therein.

(13) Translate Indian Literature and World Literature into Kannada, publish Kannada books and collaborate with other government, semi-governmental, grant-making autonomous private institutions and Universities which are working hard for the development of Kannada Book Industry to complement the objectives of the Kuvempu Bharati Authority.

(14) The autonomous, semi-governmental private and foreign subsidies funded by the Government of Karnataka, Government of India, other State Governments and the Government of India for the achievement of the Kuvempu Bhasha Bharati Authority's operations and objectives.

(15) Up to 75% of the annual budget of the Kuvempu Bharatiya Authority should be used for publication projects. The remaining funds may be used to carry out other tasks that may be necessary for the advancement of its objectives. Prepare the agenda before the end of the year and implement the programs accordingly.

(16) A special annual award of Rs.5.00 lakh should be instituted in the name of Rashtriya Kavi Kumpu. Literature of any national fame in the Indian language is entitled to this. The Authority shall create this relevant roadmap separately.

(17) For the translation department, five prestigious translators will be honored each year for the unique service rendered in the field of translation literature. And to award the year's greatest translation of the five texts. The amount of the honorary award should be Rs.50,000 / - and the prize money should be Rs. At least three titles must be present in the translated forms for the prize.

(18) To perform all such other functions as may be required by the Authority for the purposes of the foregoing, such as the foregoing.

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