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The nature of the functions of the Kuvempu Bharatiya Authority is three-faceted:

(A) Educational Activities and Training Activities

(B) Literary and Cultural Activities

(C) Publications

(A) Educational Activities and Training Activities:

(1) “Kannada literature is not inferior to any Indian literature in its greatness. We have to carry out programs that highlight its importance, ”he said. Against this backdrop, the Kuvempu Bharatiya Authority has already gained accreditation from the Karnataka State Open University in Mysore for initiating the following Master's Diploma Courses in Translation, Comparative Literature and Foreign Language Education as part of its academic activities.

Translation Diploma Courses - This course will be launched in the first phase with special training in English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali and Marathi.
M.Phil Education in Translation: Emphasis on Special Topics
Journalism and translation
Jurisprudence, Administrative Language and Translation
Science and anthropology works and translation; And
The Comparative Literature
Foreign Language Education (Certificate and Diploma)
(2) To promote Kannada literature to a world-class level, it is important to carry out the great works of Kannada to foreign languages ​​of global importance. Thus, in the first phase, seminars, workshops, workshops, workshops, workshops, workshops, workshops, workshops, workshops, workshops, workshops, workshops, workshops, workshops, workshops, workshops and workshops for young people who have expertise in various languages ​​will be available. Programs are carried out by the authority.

(B) Literary and Cultural Activities:

The Kuvempu Bharatiya Bharatiya Authority intends to bring out the collections of great literary representations that have won the Indian Enlightenment and other national awards. And in the same manner as the Kuvempu Sanchaya 'and the P.T.Ashayana', the 'Rashtriya Kavi' Dr.G.Sivarudrappa Sanchaya ',' Gokak Sanchaya ',' Masti Sanchaya ',' Karanta Sanchaya 'and' UR Ananthamurthy Sanchaya ' Steps are being taken to bring out collections of famous authors such as. English and Hindi versions of these are also being rolled out in the coming days.

(E) National Award: at the national level by the Kuvempu Bhasha Bharati Authority
Mr. Kuvempu has instituted a national award in the name of Mr. Kuvempu and a special annual award of Rs. A special committee will be formed to recognize and honor the nation's best literature, formulate policies and procedures and award the National Award.

(C) Publications:

Karnataka Translation Literature Academy, which was established as part of Kuvempu Bhasha Bharatiya, has released 56 books in the last year. During the inauguration of the Kuvempu Bhasha Bharati Authority, 10 books have been printed, including the writings and speeches of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Even in the field of Kannada publishing, the Kuvempu Bhasha Bharati Authority will be making significant headway. Arrangements are being made for the display and sale of books of authority at Sirigannada Puska Shop in the premises of Kannada Bhavan The booking and sale of books has been arranged in the office of the Kuvempu Bharatiya Bharati Authority in Kagramam and a well-equipped library has been established.


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